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While the past 15 years, I have tried out various effects. My first was an old Boss Chorus Ensemble, which a friend gave to me. The last effect, I have acquired was the tube preamp and effect processor GSP-2101 with the "Artist" software. IMHO this is pretty much an "all you need" unit. It provides all kind of effects like different chorusses, reverbs, delays, flangers, phasers, pitch shifters, harmonizers, equalizers, wahwah and many more.

Actually, I don`t use my "external" pedals much anymore. They aren`t bad, but I now tend towards the rackmout and midi controlled units. Nevertheless, I will add some brief descriptions of all my effects.

Here are my 2 cents worth...
You`ll never be able to sound like Allan Holdsworth, Pat Metheny or Eddie VanHalen, even if you are using exactly the same gear. The only reason to buy effect units, amps or guitars is to upgrade your sound. The best effects are your fingers! Some of those stomp boxes produce a sweet sound, though.

Some Effect Basics

GSP-2101 (Tube Pre Amp & Effect Processor)

Pre Amps

FX-page on Sven's Guitar Zone

Ibanez CPL - Compressor/Limiter

Ibanez TS10 Tube Screamer (Distortion unit)

Boss Digital Reverb/Delay RV-3

Boss OC-2 Octaver

Boss Digital Pitch Shifter/Delay PS-3

Boss Digital Chorus Ensemble RCE-10

Ibanez Multi Mode Analog Delay AD-202

Effect Links

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