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GSP-2101 (Tube Pre Amp & Effect Processor)
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This is the best effect processor, I know. It provides many good sounding effects, the factory presents aren't badanyway and you can set up your own patches (variations of the factory patches). IMHO the most important thing is, that you can even program your own algorithms. That means choosing some effects and "wiring" them the way you want. That`s AFAIK a unique feature. The other processors I know aren`t able to do that. Digitech has released some other processors and Im sure, they sound great, but I have heard, that you can`t set up your own algorithms any more, so the 2101 is still my first choice.

You can choose a couple of different tube and tranny kind of distortions. Further on the GSP provides a noise gate, a compressor (which I don`t like that much), a 7 band graphic EQ and a variety of digital effects like chorus, delay, reverb, phaser, flanger, detuner (several sorts of each) and even more exotic things like pitch shifters and a harmonizer. There is nothing left out I can imagine. The GSP provides a good cabinet emulation (even some digital ones), so it can be used as a recording amp

You just can`t get that many separate effects for your money and this unit is way more handy. You just change between the most different effect setups with a foot controller. That`s just not possible with separate effects.

The GSP has a midi interface which can be used for up and downloading patches or for controlling other midi devices. I have hooked my guitar synth and my Tubeman (pre amp) to the midi out of the GSP and can controll all units via the GSP.

There were some draw backs, though. I had bad luck with the foot controller (Control One) - one switch was broken when I got it new. I have taken it back to the store and got a new one, so that wasn`t much of a problem. After a couple of months the tube preamp section of the 2101 died and I had to let it fixed. After that the 2101 sounded way better than before. I guess it was already kinda damaged, when I have bought it.

I have created a couple of patches, which I have typed in in SAP format. This is a pretty easy to understand text format, that everybody should understand, who has ever programmed the 2101.

Download the GSP2101 manual here.

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