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In 1993 I have seen some guy playing a Roland GR-1 guitar synth and was pretty much impressed. I couldn`t get that out of my mind and have bought my first guitar synth, a Roland GR-09 a couple of months later. After installing the synth pickup on a solid body guitar, I was even more impressed. It took a time to learn how to play the synths, since it is pretty sensitive to a bad playing styleand the play feel is kinda different to normal guitar.

Im still pretty much excited about guitar synthesizers. It`s just another world. You can play sounds, you couldn`t imagine to play on a guitar before, like organ, piano, flute and nearly everything you can play on keyboard synthesizers.

You sure have to learn how to play the different sounds, you just have to get a feeling for all the instrumets, you can play with a guitar synth, but that's not very hard.

What I especially like is to be able to do some midi recording. It`s definately not as good as a keyboard, but since Im a keyboard illiterate, it's the only way for me to do it.

Installing the GK-2A Pickup


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