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Download the scale charts here

This is a collection of some rather common and some more unusual scales. I have transformed them into fingering patterns which should be easy to learn. For this purpose I have kinda devided them into 5 portions each, which will cover the whole fretboard, if you put them side to side each other of those patterns.

For the less common scales there is just one "main" fingering pattern, since there are some 40 of those "exotic" scales and a complete scale chart for all of them would exeed the purpose of this web site (actually I'm too lazy to do that).

You will find a structure of the scale. That is the interval between the root note and every note of the scale. There is the interval between every note of the scale and the next higher note in the scale in semi tones or frets. The number in the circles for the finger positions are the intervals related to the root note. I think, learning a scale also means learning those relations.

Further on, I have marked the arpeggio notes with an "a" and the pentatonic notes with a "p".

Major (Ionian) Scales

Dominant 7th (Mixolydian) Scales

Dorian Minor Scales

Aeolian Minor Scales

Harmonic Minor Scales

Melodic Minor Scale

Alterated Scale

A Blues Scale

Exotic Scales

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