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The FidoNet Guitar Echo

In 1993 I have got my first modem. It was a cheesey 2400 bps one, but that didn`t keep me off from getting on FidoNet. After chatting in some German echoes for a while, I couldn`t resist to get the GUITAR echo (can be compaired to an internet news group, but way friendlier - Thank you, Gary, for keeping the jerks out of this echo). I have definately met some great people there.After one year messaging, I was invited to Canada (Victoria B.C.). My friend Doug McHarg suggested to drive down to Portland to meet another friend (Bill Riley), because it was just a day drive away from there. Bill started the "FidoEcho North West Jam", which was hosted by John Haden. People from all Over America and Canada came and brought truckloads of guitars and amps with them.Although I had never met any of the in person, it was just like meeting old friends. We definately did know what to talk about (Rich, there is enough American beer to make me drunk! I just couldn`t carry that much). We have hit some guitar stores and jammed all night long. The music was loud, the steaks were great and I had plenty beer. I have really enjoyed meeting those guys and being in America for a while.

North-West FidoNet Guitar Echo Jam 1995

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North-West Fidonet Guitar Echo Jam 1996

I have been there in 1996 and 1998 too. This year there weren't that many people (actually, there was just Rich Lockyer and his wife Camille and me from outside Portland), but we could play with a real band (including drums, bass, keyboard and a singer. John Haden hosted the jam for the forth time and we had a great dinner. I stayed at Bill Riley's house and enjoyed (beside meeting people, who have become real friends over the past years) to talk so this really smart and humorous guy.

I have been traveling like twice around the world for those echo jams and I don't regeret it, because I have learned a lot about America and I think, I now understand some respects of the American way of life.

After the jam, I was meeting Doug McHarg and his family and had a great time in Canada. The Canadian way of life isn't bad, either. I have met some of Doug's friends, have seen a pretty nice Gibson Les Paul Costom, which I should have bought and took part in a cool thing called Lab Event. It was like 1 week partying :))

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North-West Fidonet Guitar Echo Jam 1999

The number of participants stays about constant. Rich didn't bring his wife, but Doug made it once again. Well, that was not for sure just two days before the jam, but Bill and I gave him a call in Vancouver and after Bill told him to "drag his fat Canadian ass down here", he couldn't stay at home.

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The Guitar Echo Tapes/CD

In 1994 some guys from the echo have sent in recordings that were remastered by Gary Smith. The result was called Guitar Echo Tape I and sounds pretty professional. Just a year later Echo Tape II was born.It was as good as the first one and was posted to people all over the world.

There was plenty of good music from different styles. Jeff Vineburg and the Nuclear Fish have definately played some really funny stuff.

 The music can be rated from home made to professional and it`s fun listening to people you know from FidoNet for years.

This year we've started the first Guitar Echo CD. This time, IŽll remaster the stuff and make CDs from it. I have already received the first contributions. Some on tape and even some MP3 files via e-mail.

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